About Us
Who are we? Our company started in 1945, supporting back up power to projects, exhibitions, and venues.
The main goal is to provide a reliable power that ensure our customer's power line never interrupted.

We do discussion regarding their needs.
Onsite survey, giving the most optimal solution and implement the both side agreed solution, and delegate the best engineer to supervise our service, and receive big smile from our satisfied customer.
That's right, get paid and big smile is our goal.

Like other growing company, our service is not stop just for power, we have diverse our service/solution to Room Conditioning and doing Mechanical-Electrical Solution for our customer.

For M/E, we do consultancy, designing the solution, implementing it, and maintenance (we also do maintenance for Power and Room Conditioner).

So, don't hesitate and give us a try, we will ensure you get the best from us.
Contact Us
021-566 7618
PT Subur Karya Sentosa
Jl. Widara no. 1, Jakarta Barat
Indonesia, 11460
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